Suzhou UIGreen is a Chinese national high tech enterprise specializing in R&D and manufacturing of advanced micro forming technology of precision components.
    Since the establishment in 2012 in Suzhou New District, UIGreen has been achieving numerous patent rights as well as patent products in the line of micro manufacturing technology, and obtain the certificate of IATF16949, ISO9001,ISO 13485,ISO14001, ISO45001 in succession. Now UIGreen is evolving into the world-class leader in precision tooling, micro metal stamping and deep drawing and precision welding industries. In the meantime, on the basis of existing micro manufacture techniques, UIGreen is launching the research into bionic insulin injection technology.
    UIGreen as a devoted team equipped with cutting edge techniques, advanced equipments and professional service, consisting of young but creative team members with the working experiences from European, American and Japanese companies, has won the micro manufacturing markets worldwide and met customers’ approbation tremendously. Currently the business range has been expanding to developed countries like U.S.A., Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, etc., with component products extensively used in medical devices, MEMS microphones, mini sensors, intelligent mobile phones and micro electronics devices. However, it never stops there. UIGreen’s marketing and R&D divisions always follow the latest demands from the industry and boost the enhancement of manufacturing techniques continuously, and even partner with the world renowned customers to co-develop the new products.
    Looking into the future, fully aware of the social responsibilities, UIGreen will continue to focus on the vision of being a micro-tech-oriented leading competitor in pursuit of progressive achievements in the fields of medical, acoustics, imaging, sensing technologies, etc., striving for higher technical level in the products and contribution to the social wealth accumulation.

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