UIGreen takes “United cooperation, Respect for employees & Environmental protection” as our constant core values. Synchronously based on the sustainable operational strategy we are continuously dedicated in generating positive environmental effects, building up enterprise competitive edges, reducing enterprise risks and enhancing the royalty of shareholders and employees. 
      Through the influence of united cooperation, to get the enterprise to co-develop with the environmental protection and to get the economic development to comply with the environmental resources, always on the right track for sustainable development, will be our nonstop aim and real future.

Uigreen SustainAbility Management concept diagram

As below is some actions in order to achieve these goals  Gods 
1, Increasing production efficiency, and reducing energy consumption 
2, Rational planning, effective use of energy,  for example: water and electricity
3, Evaluating energy consumption and environment effects before inputting new machine or new project
4, Regular training for employee occupation health, safety and environmental protection and routine physical examination for all employees each year

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