U7 Plating layer is exclusionary with Sn that is common used on DUT pin package. Comparing with conventional Gold layer, the U7 plating function well to reduce the Sn residues and solder migration to the probe tips interfacing with DUT pin during testing, thereby make it possible to expand the test cycling life and reduce cleaning frequency. Also, the U7 plating layer has characteristics of good lubricity properties and strong chemical resistance, to ensure the plating player sustain a relative longer period than other plating coatings. U7 plating is 2-3 times harder than Gold plating layer, help in penetrating the oxidation surface easier and stabilizing the interface for better connection performance.

  • Exclusive to Sn layer, Less Solder migration
  • Good chemical resistance
  • 2-3 times hardness than Gold playing layer
  • Lubricity
  • Better electronic resistance than Pd/Silver/Copper alloy
  • Coefficient of Friction better
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